Rehabilitation & Enhancement of 7X300MW Thermopower Plant, Azerbaijan

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This Thermopower Plant is located on Mingechevir city in the middle of the Republic of Azerbaijan. It is 350 km from Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan TPP is the largest power plant of the nation which was constructed between 1981 and 1990, and was composed of eight 300MW supercritical Parameters oil/gas-fired generator units. The rated power output occupied 50% of the total power production of the whole nation.

The Thermopower Plant installed 8 generators and CNEEC rehabilitatedall 8via international bidding with the financing of World Bank. According to the contract, the power production of the rehabilitated generators should increase of 15%, reaching 330MW/unit.

With the effort of our engineering department, the first enhanced generator unit was put into service in June of 2009, and of which all the indicators satisfied or was even superior to the fixed norms. The maximum power output per unit reaches 342.2MW. No.2 unit was completed in December of 2009 and the No. 3 one is expected to be put into service in February of 2010.

Considering the importance that this project held in Azerbaijan national electric system, the successful signature and execution promote the status and influence of CNEEC in Azerbaijan and its neighboring countries.



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